Spinning & Fiber Arts

We are passionate here at MadWool about fiber, and it shows!  From the bits of sparkle and fluff on our clothes, to the many projects being worked on, we have a love of the fiber arts.  Spinning is our true love, with knitting a close second.  Spinning is unlike any other fiber art; the feel of fiber in your hands, making yarn to use or just ‘be’…it’s relaxing and exhilarating all at once!  We want you to be obsessed, too.  As they say “A fiber addiction is cheaper than therapy” and it’s true…plus you get something useful out of it in the end!   We are always here and ready to talk fiber!

Used Wheel:Circa 1981,  made in Newfane, Vermont by L.P. Real.   Hard wood, traditional style double drive wheel with lazy kate and 3 bobbins.  Spins beautifully, in great shape.  Price negotiable. This wheel maker was famous in his day, didn’t make many wheels, and the wait list was about a year.  Pick up only.

Beautiful traditional hardwood wheel, handmade by a VT craftsman.

Majacraft:  The Aura: $1250.00, comes with 3 large bobbins.  and the Overdrive Head ($383). A wheel that will take you from beginner to expert.  You won’t outgrow this wheel! It is a double drive, which basically means it can be adjusted to have a good strength of pull, yet go slow..perfect for working on tail spun or add in yarns. Two wheels in stock!

Ashford:  In stock:  Traveler, double drive, double treadle and  The Country Spinner 2! ($695.00) -can be ordered, not currently in stock.  Comes with one bobbin, which holds over 2 lbs of fiber.  This wheel was built by me, and waxed with Ashford wax.  Can leave natural, or paint or stain it.  It is the next step in Irish Tension wheels, after the Louet S-10 or S-17.  This has a huge orifice, and large bobbin to make rug yarn or any type of textured yarn you can dream up.  It has a decent strength of pull, which can be tweaked with some tricks (which we are happy to show you!).  Ashford is very easy to order from; wheels are always in stock, and it takes exactly 7 days to get here from when I place the order, so happy to get any model that you would like in!

The big, bad Country Spinner…can spin any yarn you can dream up, with lots of yardage!

Louet:  The S-10 ($595.00) and S-17 ($350.00)., and handcarders ($75.00/pr)  Each comes with 3 bobbins.  What is the difference between these two wheels?  They are popular with our beginner spinners, as they seem to like to go only the ‘right’ way.  I love mine, and use it as my default to spin just about anything!  The S-10 is a bit, well, ‘fancier’…lacquered wood, open hole in the wheel, slight difference where built in lazy kate is….but NO difference in yarn spinning quality!  I built and waxed the unfinished S-17, and have used it in the shop with no noticeable difference with the S-10.  It is a great wheel at a great price, and one that you can begin and get expert on.  You can paint or stain this wheel any color, and have great creative fun with its’ exterior.

Louet Art Yarn Flyer: $150.00.  You can spin anything on this flyer!!


The Louet S-10. My default favorite wheel, it can do just about anything…and it’s easy to use and move around with. I put it in the back seat of my Mini Cooper and off I go!

The Louet S-17. All the great qualities of the S-10 at a lower price. Yeah, it’s unfinished, but you are crafty, right? Slap some varnish or fun paint on it and make it your own.

When you purchase a wheel from Madison Wool, you can be sure we have your back!  I build and wax all wheels (that need waxing), and have tested them to make sure they are working properly.  We are here to help, repair, order parts, fiber…whatever you need!  Each happy wheel customer is entitled to either a 4 oz braid of roving of their choice, or let me card a 4 oz art batt for you!  We also help sell wheels for customers, so if you have one you want to get off your hands, contact us, we can help!  I am happy to order parts and ship as well,  so always feel free to get in contact.  I have been known to repair an Ashford or Louet Wheel or two, so it’s worth checking in if you need a repair.   We want to keep you spinning!

         Spinning, Weaving, and Felting Classes

Spinning Classes and Workshops:

Private Spinning Lessons: $35.00 per hour, includes fiber and use of wheel/drop spindle.   Please call or email to arrange.

Spinning Wheel Repair: $50.00 per hour, plus cost of materials.

Beginning Handspinning or Spinning for Knitters, Session 10 -2014 1-4 PM each day.**October 19, 2014 -Drop Spindle, October 26, 2014- Wheel Spinning!**  $100.00 (includes all fiber, use of drop spindle and wheel-not necessary to own your own wheel).  $25.00 deposit holds your space. Instructors: Dayna Mankowski and  Susan Snider.

If you would like to learn how to create unique yarn for your knitting or fiber projects, this class is for you. This workshop will teach: why wool spins into yarn, how to prepare wool for spinning, how to spin on a drop spindle and a spinning wheel.  Part 1: will teach the basics of fiber preparation, drafting and spinning on a drop spindle. Part 2will teach spinning on a spinning wheel, plying and finishing your skein. Equipment will be provided and studio time is included in the fee. (Studio time=time to spin on wheels at Madison Wool; wheels can only be used at the shop).

This class has been very popular, with many of our students confidently taking classes afterwards with our national/international visiting spinning teachers, and even winning prizes at local fiber festivals for their handspun yarns!  We are proud and happy to be able to teach them a solid foundation in the basics of spinning.

Please call /email to reserve your space (203-245-5921)! Maximum of 5 students.

About Susan: A self taught spinner, Susan has been spinning for over 30 years and is currently working towards her Excellence in Handspinning from the Handweaver’s Guild of America. Susan learned to weave while an exchange student in Sweden. Her love of all things fiber has been a constant in her life. She has taught at the Rowayton Arts Center and in her home studio in Norwalk, CT. She is very active in the Handweavers’ Guild of Connecticut and Nutmeg Spinners Guild. She has exhibited at the Biennial Show hosted by the Handweavers’ Guild of Connecticut, the Rowayton Arts Center and was a member of the Connecticut Sheep Sisters, a sheep to shawl team which competed at the Connecticut Sheep & Wool and New York Sheep & Wool Festivals. Susan currently resides in Waitsfield, VT, and is an active spinning and weaving teacher there too.

To register:  Call the shop at 203-245-5921 or email Dayna at dayna@craftyscientist.com to reserve your spot.

Spinning 2: Beginning Art Yarn Spinning, Part 1: Thick and Thin, Spiral Ply, Corespinning   ** Sunday December 14, 2014, 1-4 PM.  With Shannon Herrick, The Spun Monkey! $85.00 (includes all instruction and fiber).  Max=5 students.  $20.00 deposit holds your space.

This class is meant to fill the gap between Beginning Spinning and the many Art Yarn inspired Spinning events we hold! Many students want to learn how to make ‘ art yarn’ ( textured, funky style yarns) right out of the gate. A solid foundation in learning how to spin a basic single and two ply yarn is important. As Pluckyfluff ( Lexi Boeger) says ” you have to learn the rules before you can break them”. These funky yarns are not “bad spinning” as some traditional spinners might think and tell you.  They require a technical skill that can be learned and takes practice to execute.

In this 3 hour intensive, you will learn:
How to spin a thick and thin yarn
Plying techniques-spiral plying
How to spin from a batt ( and how to card a textured art batt)

We are lucky to have the accomplished spinner, Shannon Herrick, to teach this class!  Her work is available for sale in the shop or on her website, www.thespunmonkey.com.  Shannon is a talented technical spinner and patient teacher, and you will walk away from this class with new knowledge (and yarn!). All fiber provided; bring anything you would like of your own fiber / add ins.  Wheels available for use or bring your own. You will come away from this class with new techniques to try at home and some fun yarns!

Fiber Arts Classes and Camps:


*New Dates and Format!** First Annual Madison Wool Fiber Camp for Adults! With Mary Crosby and Dayna Mankowski, held at Madison Wool.  Select Sunday afternoons in August and September, 2014.   You asked for it!  “Why don’t you have an adult fiber camp?”  Here is our answer! This will be an in depth coverage of fiber arts for adults.  Starting with a dirty fleece, you will wash, dye, spin and more!  Pick the Classes you want.  Price includes instruction and supplies.

Sunday, August 3, 2014, 2-5 PM.  Free!  : Drop in Spin!  Bring your wheel or spindle, and we will have a free form afternoon.

Sunday, August 10, 2014, 2-5 PM: $40.00: All about Fleece.  Skirt, clean and learn!

Sunday, August 17:   12 PM- ?. $50.00.  Dye and Forage! (part of Food and Forage).  Meet at MadWool, and join us for a Natural Dye forage, lunch, and dye workshop. (lunch not included).  

September classes TBD.


Weaving Classes:

Learning to Weave on the Ashford Knitter’s Loom (Rigid Heddle Loom)–Instructor: Susan Snider.  **Sunday, February 16, 2014,  10 am-4 pm $100.00.  $25.00 holds your space.  Max of 3 students without looms. *Includes the use of loom and all materials; if you have your own loom, please bring it* .****NEW LOCATION:  Wildwood Farm, 55 Sheep Pasture Rd., Madison, CT **** Learn how to weave on the Ashford Knitter’s Loom!.  This portable,easy to use rigid heddle loom provides an infinite amount of design possibilities. It is called the Knitter’s Loom because it is a great way to use your left over yarns from knitting projects. If you have your own rigid heddle loom, feel free to bring it!

Have you ever looked at a beautifully woven item and thought, “I wish I could create something like that?” then this class is for you. Rigid heddle loom weaving is simple to learn and offers an extraordinary range of creativity. In this workshop students will learn basic weaving terminology and techniques and be weaving in no time. You will weave a sample which will teach different weaving patterns and allow for exploration with color and texture. If you’re a knitter or spinner this is a great way to use up your stash! You will be surprised by how a small loom can inspire the fiber artist in you. Looms and materials provided.

Advanced techniques in Rigid Heddle Weaving-Using a Second Heddle, exploring Double Weave–Instructor: Susan Snider. *April 27, 2014* 10 AM-4 PM.  $100.00.  $25.00 holds your space.  Max of 5 students. Includes the use of loom and all materials. At Wildwood Farm Studio, 55 Sheep Pasture Rd, Madison, CT.

Advanced techniques in rigid heddle weaving will explore weaving with two rigid heddles.  Double heddles expand weaving possbilities by allowing for a wider range of setts and offers the ability to weave double weave.   We will also explore the use weft and warp floats in the same piece with the use of multiple pick up sticks.  No previous weaving experience needed- join us for this creative class!  A great way to use your handspun and yarn stash!

 Felting Classes

Needle Felting Classes with Laura Lyons

Beginning Needle Felting- **Winter 2014 dates to be added** $50.00 (fiber provided) Maximum=6 students.  Felting kits: needles, mat and extra fiber additional cost. Class is intended for adults or older children due to the use of sharp needles. *$10.00 deposit holds your space.
Needle felting is a fun way to make shapes such as flowers and animals. Come and learn how to make a penguin or a flat felted piece with Laura Lyons of Wildwood Farm. You will learn how to manipulate wool roving and loose fibers with sharp, barbed needles that cause the fiber to felt without water. You will find this craft addictive!

Needle Felted Penquins by Laura Lyons

Advanced Needle Felting- . Sunday, February 23, 2014  2-6 PM, $60.00 ( fiber provided). Maximum=6 students. Prerequisites: Beginning Needle Felting or equivalent experience. *$10.00 deposit holds your space.
Come and learn how to make felted animals with Laura Lyons! If you love her large standing animals, she will teach you techniques to make your own using a sheep as a model. You will also learn how to incorporate other materials (wool garments, etc.) into your creation. Let your imagination run wild!

An ‘advanced’ needle felted sheep by Laura Lyons



Holiday Trunk Show and Spin in with 222 Handspun!  December 21, 2014, 12-5 PM.  Free to participate! Elysa Darling is back and ready to spin!  Her last trunk show and spin in over Labor Day was a big hit, and her colors were a bright breath of fresh air!  This time, we have a holiday theme planned. Take a break from shopping or wrapping and join us as Elysa will demonstrate techniques and inspiration for  holiday themed art yarn!  Spin to use as tree trim or to wrap those special last minute handmade gifts. You can buy some ready-made 222 yarn to knit, or grab a holiday themed fiber kit and spin along. Refreshments provided, come join the party!